5G help? When will 5G be available in Australia?

6 .. 9 Jul. 2019 correspondence with Vodafone, using their ordinary email address – support@vodafone.com.au.



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5G in Australia – questions and answers about 1

See the Wikipedia article on 5G.

See this quote from this article.

In simple terms, it seems to us that if readers are connected to the internet, (which they obviously must be, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to read this post,) then it’s claimed for 5G that it provides considerably faster access to it, to the extent that’s it claimed for it, as we read recently, that it will provide, “almost unimaginable experiences,” which has us fascinated. What could this possibly mean?

By the way, we recently emailed one of our readers who’s recently signed up with the NBN asking him how he was going with it, and the answer came back – “very slow  frequently down.” Is it likely to be like that with 5G at all?

Perhaps this is too simple, but it seems to us that there are only three questions to be answered about it. (1) When will it be available where I live? (2) How much does it cost? (3) How easy it it to give it a trial and discontinue using if we feel it’s not worthwhile?

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Officeworks – dealing with 1

Using the ordinary email address – northmead@officeworks.com.au – an email was sent to the Officeworks store at Northmead, NSW, on 19 Jun. 2019, saying.

This was received the next day from the store manager.

This was responded to the next day with.

As no response had been received to this, a reminder was sent on 29 Jun. 2019 @ 1.30 pm.

In response to this reminder, this was received.

(This email was sent by Rob at 6.19 am on a Monday morning! – so Rob was on the job pretty early.)

This was responded to with.

Officeworks, is, of course, a subsidiary of the Perth based Wesfarmers conglomerate, and, in the emails sent to Officeworks, a copy was always sent to Wesfarmers, using their ordinary email address as displayed prominently on it’s webpage – info@wesfarmers.com.au – in case there were any people in Wesfarmers who were interested.

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Telstra – dealing with 7

Telstra seems to be everywhere on the internet lately, as though a new Telstra is on the way. Some of the articles on it just make us laugh – like this one, by Andrew Penn, it’s CEO, (since 1 May 2015,) himself.

We don’t go back 100 years, but we go back to the 1960s. And in the 1960s and 1970s you had to bribe Telstra people to get even basic things done, like getting extra phone lines, and we remember that in the 1980s you had to appeal to your local Federal member of Parliament for help before they did anything – which entitles one to be a bit cynical don’t you think.

We cut off all dealings with Telstra 10 years ago, vowing to never have anything to do with them again, ever.

And when you read of two of their customers, in late 2017, more than 2 and a half years after Mr Penn took over the reins, (view this post,) after trying for 4 months to get Telstra to be at all helpful, staging a sit-in in one of their shops and the 3 Police men called to eject them being more helpful with the technology than the Telstra employees, with the Telstra case manager still not prepared to talk to them, this would seem to be a sound decision don’t you think?

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Making the latest and best technology part of our lives 4

Further to this post, the letter shown below was sent 11 days ago to someone we’ve found quite helpful in the past – and it hasn’t even been acknowledged, let alone responded to!!!


  1. Does he not know the answer?
  2. Is the “$100, and perhaps more,” we’ve offered, not enough?
  3. Does he know the answer but there’s some conflict of interest preventing him from providing an answer – perhaps he has allegiances to either Vodafone or Vivid Wireless?

Do we always have to carry out the research necessary to get answers to questions like this ourselves?

Is there not someone in the whole wide world, (with modern technology, they can be anywhere in the world,) who can help us for a reasonable fee?

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Making the latest and best technology part of our lives 3

We’ve been saying for years that the secret to success in our work and private lives is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts in the whole wide world.

These days, the way we say it is that the level of success we have in our work and personal lives is determined by how much knowledge and how many skills we have, and, to live the good life, we need to be constantly adding to and updating our knowledge and skills by our own research and by asking questions of those who we have found to be good at answering them.

It reminds us of what a GP told us once. He said that he was at his peak when he’d been a doctor for 3 years – by then he had 3 year of experience, but from then on, what he’d learnt in Med School started to be out-of-date, unless, of course, he worked to keep up-to-date.

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Stories of progress in technology 1

Story 1.

In 1962 a Sydney accountancy firm bought a calculating machine, and got quite a lot of publicity for doing so – it was about the size of a small car, and cost about as much as a small car!

Today there’s probably more calculating capacity in our mobile phones, which comes to us virtually for nothing as an incidental part of their main purpose, and that is to be telephones.

Story 2.

Some years ago, one of our friends, who’s been a pioneer in technology, and who had developed an early version of a World Times program, got a phone call from the Pentagon. And the guy said, “We love your program, but it’s stopped working.” To which our friend replied, “Well, after 14 days you’ve got to pay for it.” Apparently the Pentagon guy was SO grateful saying, “You will have made General So and So’s day.”

So a guy in suburban Sydney had more knowledge, which he’d developed himself, than the Pentagon had, the multi-billion headquarters of the United States Department of Defence.

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The National Broadcasting Network (NBN) 2

We started a previous post on the NBN with, “Will the NBN scandal ever go away?”

And now we have this!!!

and this:-

and this:-

Could these things be possibly true – (1) that a third of the people on the NBN would go back to their old service if they could, and (2) BUT THEY CAN’T!!!???

Surely there are going to be ways for the Australian people to be connected to the internet without involving the NBN, even if, at some stage, they’ve signed up with the NBN???

And is 5G ever going to be available through the NBN, with it’s unimaginable experiences?

And how much does the NBN story go back to April, 2009, when, under Kevin Rudd’s Prime Minerstership, it was decided to commit 40..50 billion dollars of Australian taxpayers money to creating such a monstrosity.

But perhaps more credit should be given to the NBN than we’re giving it. Feedback would be appreciated.

Email us at: info@questionsmisc.info.

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Making the latest and best technology part of our lives 2

An email sent a few minutes ago, (on Thu. 7 Jun 2018,) to someone who comes over on the internet as a technology expert:-

A Mon, 18 Jun 2018 update: Our email hasn’t even been acknowledged.

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Making the latest and best technology part of our lives 1

More and more there’s all this great technology out there that has the potential to change our personal and work lives dramatically, in terms of their effectiveness, their efficiency, their convenience, their richness and their enjoyment, if it becomes part of them. To the extent that it’s not part of our lives, we’re missing out, perhaps badly. And, in the years to come, the amount and quality of this technology is just going to get greater and greater.

Realising and acknowledging this raises two questions for each of us – (1) which of it should we be working on adding to our lives next, and (2) how do we go about it. And this, in turn, raises the question as to who might be the best to help us answer these two questions. Getting advice from the right person or people could save us perhaps weeks, perhaps months, perhaps years, as we seek to add to the quality of our lives.

Suppose, for instance, we have a small business and have seen things like this on the internet:-

So which App or other technology should we seek to make part of our life first? And having decided on this, how do we go about making it part of our life?

To us, in an ideal world, there would be someone to whom we could email a detailed description of our small business, and asking, “What should I be concentrating on first to adopt into this business?”

In relation to this we have our own experience. As people working on Blogs and Websites, we get at least 4 or 5 emails a month from people, mainly in India, saying that signing up to the services they offer at so much a month, will benefit us greatly – to the extent that we have a folder called “SEOs” in which we have 87 such letters. With many of these we have responded with an email saying something like – “How much would you charge to examine my Blog  XXX in detail, and then to advise me what you thought was the single thing I should be doing next to improve it?” And having sent such an email, we never hear from them again.

Of course, there are always going to be times when we decide that we want certain technology to be part of our lives anyway – then it becomes a question of how we do this as quickly and easily as possible.

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