An Apple technology tip

The above will give you some idea of what this tip is all about. To view it in full, click on this link which takes you to a page on one of our websites – we think that some articles are too big to put in full on blogs.

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Tiger Technologies – dealing with 1

Tiger Technologies is a web hosting organisation based in the US – we were put onto it by an adviser when we first started working with blogs and websites, and it’s the only one we’ve ever used, so we don’t know about other hosting organisations, but we have always found them great.

As an example, in relation to a problem we’d been trying to fix ourselves for 2 or 3 days, eventually this email was sent to them.

In little more than an hour we had a reply saying, amongst other things, “we would recommend clearing your cashe in your Web browser,” (whatever that meant,) and providing 7 steps to take to do this – we printed these 7 steps out, to make them easier to follow, and took them. And the problem was gone!

If only all our technology problems were solved so easily!

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Optus – dealing with 1

The headline to an article in today’s, the 23 May 2018, edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

You will be taken to this article if you click on this link. As you will see, it says that Optus ranks as “Australia’s third largest NBV provider.”

Does it make you wonder how much you can ever rely on anything Optus tells you in the future?

Several years ago we came across this book entitled “How to Motivate People,” in which  the author talks about what he calls the greatest management principle in the world – “THE THINGS THAT GET REWARDED GET DONE.”

What needs to be realised is that the thing that often gets rewarded the most in organisations, in money, of course, is doing the wrong thing by their customers/clients, and misleading their customers/clients and others, and the only thing that stops them doing these things is the so-called regulation agencies, who are often/mostly quite hopeless.

So does the fact that Optus got “caught” this time mean that we will always be able to trust any thing they say in future? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

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Telstra – dealing with 5

One of this morning’s headlines:-

Why would their customers have “taken to social media to report problems?” Probably because, knowing Telstra, they wouldn’t have any ordinary email addresses or email forms to enable customers to quickly and easily report their problems directly to Telstra.

We’re reminded of these Dilbert cartoons.

If any of our readers ever comes across a half decent response from Telstra, please send us a copy – we’d be more than happy to give it all the publicity we could.

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Telstra – dealing with 4

An account of some dealings with Telstra put together with one of our readers.

In our busy lives these days we need to be dealing with organisations that have ordinary email addresses readily available, and when these ordinary email addresses are used to send them letters, we get replies that are helpful, upfront and honest, reasonably promptly. For Telstra to be ever at all like this seems like a million miles away.

The reason we place so much emphasis on ordinary email addresses and ordinary emails is that they make it so easy for the top management in organisations to be made aware of how people and other organisations are getting on in dealing with their organisation. But, of course, have any of our readers ever got the slightest indication that anyone in the top management of Telstra is interested in this sort of thing, even if it was put right in front of them? Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Let us know, anybody, if we’re wrong.

Of course, if anyone can ever provide us with an ordinary email address we can use to send their top management a copy of this post and our other posts on Telstra, for their information and comment, we would be more than happy to do so. So far we haven’t been able to find one, despite a lot of searching.

And, of course, everything depends on the competition – whether there are others that are better than Telstra for what we need. We certainly think so!

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How to Install and configure Akismet. HOW TO 1

This Google search result explains what Akismet is:-

If you click on this link, you will be taken to an article, part of which is a section headed, “How to install and configure Akismet.” Although we are yet to check it out fully, our first impressions are that it’s one of the best guides as to how to carry out a technology task we’ve ever come across. Amongst other things it has lots of screens shots of what it’s talking about – something that is missing in most such guides. It’s perfect for what we are always talking about – printing it out and following it’s instructions step by step.

As we’ve often said, “We have a dream,” and that dream is for a world in which, whenever we want to carry out a technology task, there’s a guide like this one to help us – a world which we think is a million miles away at present.

A 19 May 2018 update: Of course, if the person or organisation you want to deal with has an ordinary email address, and and when you use it to send letters and you get good replies, you seldom need guides like the ones described above. This seems to be the case with Akismet. We have very limited experience with them – but they have an ordinary email address – – and when we have used it to send them 2 letters we have got 2 more than satisfactory replies.

We would be interested in what experiences any of our readers have had with them.

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Getting answers to our technology questions over the internet 2

We’re in the very very early stages of putting together a list of people and organisations who can provide us with answers to our technology questions – if we have a technology question, we can pay someone to provide us with the answer, as an alternative to us trying to search out the answer ourselves.

But we’re finding difficulty in locating people who are used to helping people in the ways we mostly want to be helped. They are used to helping people (1) in face to face consultations, or, (2) over the telephone, or, (3) with TeamViewer and other similar ways.

But when we have a question like, “How to create a Google Account?” we don’t want to go to the length of having a face to face consultation, if that was physically possible, which it usually isn’t; we don’t want to be talking over the telephone; we don’t want to be working with anyone with TeamViewer or anything like that; we want to get an email like this which we can print out and follow.

This is how we feel. Do any of our readers feel the same?

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Connecting with the internet – iiNet 8

Forty years ago we were given this piece of advice which has proved invaluable over the years – “If you want to know what someone is like, get them to write something down, and/or get them to take part in a group discussion.” And forty years later we have emails which make both of these things incredibly easy.

As an example, we sent an email, which only took a few minutes to put together, to iiNet, twenty seven days ago, (see this post,) and almost immediately got back an email from Craig Levy, it’s Chief Operating Officer, assuring us that, “We aim to respond to emails within one business day,” – but since then, nothing!!!

So now we know what iiNet and Craig Levy are like, EXACTLY.

The next question, as it’s always been, is what is done about it. Obviously Craig Levy expects that people will just keep on signing up with iiNet for their internet connections, regardless. Are people really that stupid?

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Telstra – dealing with 3

A recent headline.

See more in this article. It makes us laugh that the conduct for which Telstra has been fined is described as a “billing blunder.” It wouldn’t have been a “billing blunder” at all – it would have been a quite deliberate scheme to increase profits.

Of course we don’t have to wait for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to get around to telling us what the Telstras of this world are like – that they are capable of charging customers for digital content they do not want and can’t sign out of easily. We can just send them an email about any problems we might encounter in dealing with them and see how we get on – except that with Telstra, we’ve never been able to find an ordinary email address we could use to send them anything!!! If you click on can anyone make sense of what comes up?

As we keep saying, “By their emails ye shall know them.”

One of our readers tells us that he’s been dealing with Telstra since the the 1970s, and that  in those days, if you wanted more phone lines etc. you had to bribe people, something that his company did a number of times, that’s how it was. Of course, in the 1970s there weren’t the different options that are available these days.

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Connecting with the internet – iiNet 7

An email sent to iiNet at Wed 25 Apr 2018 at 7.58 pm.

Part of an automated response received 1 minute later.

Talking to their so-called “Support Team” on the telephone as an option?? Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! One of our readers, a long time iiNet user, has told us that she had spent 12 hours on the telephone talking to their “Support Team” about problems she was experiencing and still hadn’t got anywhere!

If EVER we get anything in writing from them we’ll let you know.

A 7 Jun 2018 update: (43 days later.) No response yet.

We are always on the lookout for people and organisations who come over as have highly trained people in their employ whose job it is to provide helpful responses to reasonable emails from customers or potential customers who may have any problems or questions. Is iiNet like that? Not that we’ve experienced. But readers don’t have to take our word for it – they can email them themselves.

What is worse? That with the iiNets of this world, emails like ours never get to their top management people, or, they do, but their top management people never do anything about the issues raised.

Perhaps they find that having websites with lots of BIG sexy pictures on them and slogans like:-

and ratings like this:-

are good enough.

Sucked in, guys!

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