5G in Australia – questions and answers about 1

See the Wikipedia article on 5G.

See this quote from this article.

In simple terms, it seems to us that if readers are connected to the internet, (which they obviously must be, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to read this post,) then it’s claimed for 5G that it provides considerably faster access to it, to the extent that’s it claimed for it, as we read recently, that it will provide, “almost unimaginable experiences,” which has us fascinated. What could this possibly mean?

By the way, we recently emailed one of our readers who’s recently signed up with the NBN asking him how he was going with it, and the answer came back – “very slow  frequently down.” Is it likely to be like that with 5G at all?

Perhaps this is too simple, but it seems to us that there are only three questions to be answered about it. (1) When will it be available where I live? (2) How much does it cost? (3) How easy it it to give it a trial and discontinue using if we feel it’s not worthwhile?

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