A big big question.

Further to previous posts on OS X Daily

OS X Daily produces an email every day of the year, (except perhaps Christmas Day!) which you can subscribe to and get, in which they claim to provide “News and Tips for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Everything Apple,” and seem to us do this very well, although we don’t really know. And they’ve been doing it for we don’t know how long, but certainly for at least 2 years, as that’s how long we’ve been subscribing.

You can easily put these emails into a Mail Mailbox and so build up a library of them which you can refer to if and when you have a question or problem they may have covered.

And you can always go to their website and scroll back to the emails that are before those you have in your Mailbox, although this would seem to be a long tedious task if you need to go back very far.

To us, all this raises a question, which is a BIG BIG question in which we’re vitally interested.

If we’ve ever come upon a question or problem with which we may think OS X Daily may be able to help us, will there ever be people we can pay to do the leg work in finding what they’ve had to say? Or will it always involve us doing this leg work ourselves, perhaps going through thousands of emails?

In other words, will it ever be that we have to decide – “Will I do the leg work myself to go through perhaps thousands of emails to find what OS X Daily has to say about this particular question or problems, or do I pay X dollars to pay someone to do the legwork for me.” In lots of situations we can imagine it will be economic madness to do the leg work ourselves by will there ever be people available to do it for us.

We’ve already asked OS X daily if they offer this service, and they haven’t even acknowledged our email.

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