A helpful technology tip

We are making use of this tip all the time.

Suppose you want to keep track of something – like the Test cricket, for instance.

(1) Ascertain the link to the commentary, in this case, of the 4th Test between Australia and India going on at present – it’s http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-australia-2016-17/engine/match/1062576.html

(2) Send yourself an email like this, with the link in it, and with whatever title you wish in the “Subject”

(3) It should appear in your incoming mail as this message, within 1 or 2 seconds.

(4) Drag this message onto your desk top, where it will appear like this.

(5) Drag it to a convenient place on your desktop – then, whenever you want, in this instance, to be taken to the cricket commentary, simply double click on it , and the link will appear, and you just click on the link once – it only takes a couple of seconds. Or, with the the ones you don’t use so often, or with old ones you still want to keep, you can put them in a folder or folders where they will appear as shown below, where you can still use  them in the same way.

You can see, we’re sports enthusiasts!

This may not be the best and most convenient way of achieving what this achieves – perhaps readers have better ways. But, as we’ve said, we’re using it all the time, whenever we have a link that we’re wanting to use all the time. Our desktop is littered with these funny looking envelopes!

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