Aldi – dealing with 1

A letter sent to Aldi using the email form on their website.

What’s at stake here is the quality of the backup and support Aldi provides to those who decide to get involved in any of their technology products.

An 8 Feb 2018 update: No response from Aldi to what was sent to them 18 days ago. They haven’t even acknowledged that they got it.

Conclusion: If you decide to deal with Aldi you do so at your own risk in the sense that if you have any problems in dealing with them, or questions you’d like to ask in relation to any of their products and so on, they are not geared up to respond to you in any way – in other words, no one in Aldi cares

This used to surprise us, astonish us, that world wide, multi-billion dollar companies like Aldi are like this. But no longer – most of them seem to be like this!

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