Aldi – dealing with 2

Further to this post, we received a response by email from Aldi yesterday, 4 WEEKS and 3 DAYS after we sent them our letter, the first three paragraphs of which are these:-

To view their email in full, use this link.

The good news is:-

(1) That they responded at all – something which we’re not sure that Coles and Woolworths would have done in similar circumstances, although, to be honest, we don’t really know.

(2) That they’ve responded using an ordinary email address,, which perhaps we can use in the future instead of one of those horrible email forms – although it may be similar to the email address,, provided in similar circumstances by Vodafone, which, if you use it, sometimes they respond, but if it doesn’t suit them to reply, they come back with, “Oh dear, you’ve used an email address that isn’t monitored!”

But the bad news is:-

(1) They still haven’t responded to the issues that we tried to raise in our letter, although they’ve indicated that, in due course, they will.

(2) It’s very obvious that their Customer Service Department is very badly under-resourced and there’s no indication that this might change anytime soon.

To us this is almost unbelievable! A successful world wide multi-billion dollar company with a Customer Service Department “inundated with enquiries” but so under- resourced that it takes them more than four weeks to half respond to a relatively simple letter – but they’re all like that. The people have to hunt around to find the ones that are the least bad.

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