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This is part of an article, dated 3 Mar. 2020, entitled “Australian iPhone users get no payment from US battery settlement,” – use this link to go to the article in full, (if you are a subscriber to The Australian.)

To us, this doesn’t seem to make the slightest sense – is it more of Apple being tricky and devious?

Undeniable claim: Apple intentionally slowed down older phones – but why?

It’s said that this was done to “preserve batteries.” But what would have been in it for Apple if batteries lasted longer, and why, as it would appear, weren’t informed of this.

It would seem infinitely more likely that it was so people would think, “Oops, my iPhone is getting slower! I’d better buy a new one.”

In relation to this, see the last paragraph of what’s shown above.

This, on top of the fact that Australian Apple users are not to be compensated in any way for ways in which they may have suffered from conduct deemed to be serious enough for Apple to have had a $US500m penalty on it.

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