Apple stores and their Genius Bars – dealing with 3

If you use this link, you are taken to a list of all the Apple stores in Australia.

It seems that if you want to email any of them, their ordinary email address is, say, We have used such ordinary email addresses to successfully email 4 of them, and are assuming that it would be the same with the rest.

We provide this information to our readers because, initially, we had quite a lot of difficulty in finding it out. When one of the people at the Castle Towers store at Castle Hill was asked if the store had an ordinary email address, he said that it didn’t.

A person working in the store not knowing that it had an ordinary email address!!!??? – typical of this store!

When a second person was asked, he said that it did, and that he would be able to provide a business card with the email address on it. Five minutes later, he came back saying that for some reason the ordinary email address was no longer on their cards, but he provided a card now which he had hand written That the ordinary email address was no longer on their business cards was also typical of this store.

Of course, having an ordinary email addresses is one thing, but there being people whose job it is to provide adequate responses to anything sent using these ordinary email addresses is another thing entirely – and it’s clear that the Castle Hill store has hardly any of these. In our experience, the responses they provide, if they provide responses at all, are entirely inadequate.

And when it was thought that they didn’t have an ordinary email address, a “snail mail” letter was sent to them through Australia Post, and they didn’t even respond to it!

And one of our readers reports that the last time he phoned this store, he waited on for 23 minutes before he got to speak to anyone – for about the first 9 minutes, he was told every 30 seconds that there were 2 people in front of him, for about the next 9 minutes he was told that there was one person in front of him, and then for the last 5 minutes he was told every 30 seconds that there was no on in front of him – but still no one came to the phone to speak to him.

And in his last two experiences with consultants on the Genius Bar, with the first one he spent 25 minutes with him without getting a satisfactory solution to his problems, and the second one, a “Josh,” was one of the rudest people he’d ever encountered, who again didn’t provide him with a satisfactory solution to his problems.

And, in another incident, when he asked for help in relation to a technical matter that didn’t seem to be working, he was told, “Oh, it’s not working. I’ll tell the manager about this.” But 10 days later it still wasn’t working – either he hadn’t told the manager about it, or he had, and the manager had done nothing about it.

Fortunately, our experiences with the stores at Penrith, Miranda and Hornsby, although extremely limited, have been much better than our experiences with this store.

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An 9 Sep. 2019 update: A copy of this post was sent to the Manager of the Castle Hill Apple store 2 days ago for his or her “information and comment.” We’ll let you know if we get a response – we’re not expecting one. All the indications are the he or she doesn’t care.

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