Apple stores and their Genius Bars – dealing with 1

Today, on Thu. 15 Aug. 2019, we’ve realised something we consider completely bizarre, something that has left us reeling, something which we’re astonished we hadn’t realised before, and that is that Apple stores don’t have an ordinary email address or an email form we can use to contact them, (to us, fax numbers don’t count, they’re SO last century, but they don’t seem to have these either.) If you want to contact them to ask questions or to make complaints etc. etc., the only means of doing it is by, (1) phoning them, which we’ve found can have it’s difficulties,  as you can see in what’s below, or, (2) using Australia post to send them “snail mails,” and our guess is that these probably don’t work either.

To try and find out, we’ve just, on Thu. 15 Aug. 2019, at about 4:00 pm, posted a “snail mail” letter to the manager of the Apple store at Castle Hill, saying.

And, having just got an email advising that there was/is now an Apple store in Miranda, New South Wales, which was/is truly wonderful, we, at the same time,  sent a “snail mail” letter to it’s manager saying.

We’ll let you know if we ever get a response to either of these. Our prediction is that neither of them will respond even if you take the time and trouble to send them a “snail mail” by Australia Post.

A Fri. 23 Aug. update: Nothing yet from either the Castle Hill Apple store or the Miranda Apple store, 8 days later!

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