Apple stores and their Genius Bars – dealing with 2

Further to this previous post, we’ve discovered that the Apple store at Castle Hill does have an ordinary email address. Two people in the store had said the store didn’t have one, but a third said they did – he said, “I’ll go and get you a business card with the email address on it.” About 5 minutes later he came back, saying that he’d found out that the business cards no longer had the ordinary email address on them, but he gave us a card on which he’d hand written “”

So a couple of days ago, we started sending emails using this email address – they haven’t been returned, but they haven’t been responded to either.

We’ll let you know if we ever get a response.

To us, there are two types of organisations – those that have people, in their employ or otherwise, whose job it to provide responses to letters sent to them, and those that don’t. The former normally have ordinary email addresses readily available, and the latter, even if they have ordinary email addresses, do everything they can to stop this from being widely known.

Clearly the Apple store at Castle Hill is one of the latter.

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