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To us there are two things in every situation – firstly, how things are, and secondly, what, if anything, is to be done about how things are.

In relation to Apple support, how things are, is that, if, for example, anyone emails the Bondi Apple store seeking help and/or information, as we reported in this previous post, this is the sort of reply they get.

Not high quality at all you would think. But does Apple care?

To us, if Apple cared, they would have an ordinary email address, there could be just one for the whole world, which could be used by people to report to it’s top management people how they were getting on in dealing with Apple and it’s products. To us, such an email address would always enable these people to know how things are. But it appears they don’t have the slightest interest in how things are – they have obviously  decided that Apple can be successful enough without there being such an email address.

And perhaps they’re right – perhaps, the people, you and I, are going to continue to deal with Apple and it’s products, while nothing is to be done about how Apple stores like the Bondi Apple store are.

Or perhaps not??? Time will tell.

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