Apple Support – a summary

As we’ve often reported, we read once – “What technology enables, happens.”

What technology enables is for there to be an ordinary email address, just one for the whole world, which people can use when, in dealing with Apple, they need help or information on Apple generally, or any of it’s products, and when they use it to send an email, firstly, they get a email by return, acknowledging the exact email that’s been sent, – not an automated response acknowledging “an email,” and, secondly, that they get, in due course, (there’s seldom any real urgency,) what we like to describe as the “best information article in the whole wide world,” that provides a precise response to their email, not simply advice that they need to trawl through acres and acres of stuff in various locations scattered over the internet, to get an answer to their question, or, as an alternative, a suggestion as to another email address which might enable them to get the best possible outcome.

So why is this not happening? – it’s got us completely and utterly mystified!

(Perhaps our readers know of such an address or addresses already in existence – if so, we would be so grateful if they could provide us with their details, to help us, when we need help, which we could also share with our other readers.)

Is there no demand for such an ordinary email address? To us, that’s incredibly unlikely!

Doesn’t Apple realise that there’s a demand for such an ordinary email address? Again, to us, that’s incredibly unlikely!

Are there not enough people in the whole wide world, when it doesn’t matter where they are, who are capable of providing high quality answers? Again, to us, that’s incredibly unlikely!

Is Apple not prepared to pay people to provide high quality answers? To us, this is the most likely answer – they think they can be successful enough without being up for the expense involved in having people to provide answers? Our answer to this is – time will tell! In relation to this, we have become aware of people that believe that Apple’s best days are well and truly behind them. To us, they wouldn’t have to pay for people to answer questions, just pay people to locate the best people in the whole wide world to answer questions, and that paying people to do this, would, for Apple, be well and truly worthwhile. To the extent that they provide any help and information at all, everything is about making things easier and cheaper for Apple, not for those seeking help and information.

We, ourselves, often feel that not getting a good solution to a problem we’ve come up against in our dealing with Apple is holding us back in our technology experience, and we’re sure we’re not alone, and, if in those circumstances, we always knew of  good way to get a solution, we would be in the sort of world we dream of.

What’s needed to bring about the world we dream of, if Apple is not going bring it about, is incredibly simple – it’s that there are people who earn a living by, (1) providing high quality responses to requests for help and information on technology matters, (or any other matters for that matter,) or, (2) where they can’t provide them, details on other people who perhaps can. Anyone can do it, and they can be anywhere in the world.

We’re spending more and more time searching for such people. If any any of our readers need help or information, email us at – we may already be able to refer you to someone who can provide the help and information you need, ideally someone who’s helped us, and our referral won’t cost you a cent.

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