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As an aspect of working on blogs and websites over a number of years, we’re always getting emails, sometimes 2 or 3 a week, mainly from India, offering us all sorts of services – this is an example:-

We’ve had a saying for a number of years that, “What you’ve got to do is get something up an running, and then ‘chip away’ at making it better,” – that’s the way we like to work. And so we send a reply to these emails along the lines of, “What we’re looking for is someone who will look into our website and from this tell us what they think is the number one thing we should do next to make it better,” – and we’ve sent this reply to at least 20 of these  emails, and we are yet to get one response, we never hear from them again!

As another example of this sort of thing,

Two or three years ago we signed up to receive daily email updates from OSX 10 Daily, an organisation which claims to provide:-

As a result, we have at least a thousand of their daily news and tips, because what we do when we get them is file them away for future reference – BUT, we never refer to them again because there’s no way, when we’ve got a question or a problem that they may have published some help on, that we are going to go through thousands of their entries looking for it.

And now we’ve come across another example of this sort of thing.

First we came across this as a news item.

This lead us to do a Google search which located this result:-

And when we opened up this website, it seemed to us that it indeed set out details, quite professionally, of 75 apps that could be applied to small businesses. But which one or ones are the best to be applied to our particular business.

Our point is that there is so much on the internet about things which have the potential to make our work and personal lives so much better, so much more efficient and effective, so much more pleasurable – but we need help in finding them and applying them and surely there must be a place for people to go into the business of providing this help.

Surely there must be a place for someone in India to respond to our requests for advice as to how to get more people visiting our blogs and website – but there doesn’t seem to be.

Surely there must be tips that would help us be far more efficient and effective with our Apple devices on websites such as OSX 10 Daily, but if it’s just up to us, we’re never going to find them.

And we’re just never going to familiarise ourselves with 75 apps to the point that we know which ones are the best to apply to our business.

There could be people out there who could help us with these things – they could be anywhere in the world as modern technology enables us to find them, deal with them, and pay for their services as an alternative to use doing research ourselves, wherever they are. Perhaps there already are!

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