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Modern technology offers the potential for us to deal with the best people to deal with in the whole wide world, and to have them answer our questions and help us with our problems on anything, no more so than with our technology questions and problems.

As the author of a number of blogs and websites, we receive 2 or 3 emails a week from people all over the world, all purporting to be the best people to deal with on various technology issues.

We have recently decided to sign up with, an organisation based in Maryland in the US, hopefully to receive assistance with our authoring of our blogs.

We’ll let you know how we get on.

In this context, a word on Just Answer.

Just Answer, of course, purports to provide answers to questions on ANYTHING, and, of course, on technology. BUT, there appear two problems with it.

Firstly, it doesn’t seem possible to use it to help us find experts we can continue to use in the future – when we ask a question, it’s referred to someone of THEIR choosing.

Secondly, before any answers are provided, you are asked to provide a nominal deposit, say, five dollars, which isn’t a problem, but what is a problem is that the internet is littered with claims that the details provided in supplying these deposits are used to take moneys to which they are not entitled and which you can never get back.

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