Connecting with the internet – iiNet 8

Forty years ago we were given this piece of advice which has proved invaluable over the years – “If you want to know what someone is like, get them to write something down, and/or get them to take part in a group discussion.” And forty years later we have emails which make both of these things incredibly easy.

As an example, we sent an email, which only took a few minutes to put together, to iiNet, twenty seven days ago, (see this post,) and almost immediately got back an email from Craig Levy, it’s Chief Operating Officer, assuring us that, “We aim to respond to emails within one business day,” – but since then, nothing!!!

So now we know what iiNet and Craig Levy are like, EXACTLY.

The next question, as it’s always been, is what is done about it. Obviously Craig Levy expects that people will just keep on signing up with iiNet for their internet connections, regardless. Are people really that stupid?

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