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We’ve recently come across an organisation with a website that incorporates a chat facility enabling us to chat readily with one of it’s information technologyconsultants – If you click on it’s website, this appears on it’s home page,

enabling you to start chatting as soon as a consultant is available. So far we’ve found that, on the two occasions in which we’ve had a chat, a consultant became available within 5 minutes.

In our second chat, when we enquired as to the cost of chatting, we were provided with this link – – which took us to at least 12 pages of stuff, which included the information that their basic hourly rate is $180, and that they have an ordinary email address –

One interesting aspect of dealing with IT Strategic, which we’ve not come across before, is that, within a few minutes of concluding a chat with them, you receive an email setting out the chat’s details, and including links. Shown below is what we received in relation to our second chat. (It would be so great if this happened when you had chats with Apple!)

Chatting obviously has it’s pros and cons. We’re still thinking about how much we’ll use IT Strategic’s chat facilities, and the chat facilities of any other organisations we come across.

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