For Mac users, Spotlight is a tool designed by Apple to help you locate files etc. on your Mac – to start using it, you simply click on the magnifying glass icon in the very top left hand corner of your Mac’s screen.

We’ve never found it particularly easy to use.

We’ve recently become aware of EasyFind, about which it’s claimed that, in most cases, it’s better than Spotlight, although not totally superseding it.

If you use GMX to do a search on “Easyfind” lots of results like this come up, which you can access by using this link.

The purpose of this post is to make our readers aware of EasyFind in case they’ve not heard of it before – but we don’t have the time at present to do more than this. We hope to investigate it more ourselves, as time allows, hopefully to find the best information article on it in the whole wide world!

Feedback would be appreciated on info@questionsmisc.info.

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