eFax 3

On 8 Mar 2017, we sent this letter by email to eFax.

Six days later, on 14 Mar 2017, after we’d sent them two reminder emails, we got this reply:-

Absolute madness!!! Suggesting:-

(1) That we might have come up against a “temporary issue” – which we still had after 6 days!!! Who wants to deal with an organisation that has temporary issues that last for 6 days, at least?

(2) That Safari, Apple’s OWN browser, which we use, mightn’t be a suitable browser to use in dealing with eFax!!!

Fortunately, some 8 hours later, on the same day, we got an email that was slightly more helpful:-

This helped us to work a few things out, so, for the time being at least, we’re persisting with eFax.

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