Finding the best and avoiding those who are not the best

One of the greatest ways in which modern technology can assist us to live better lives is by helping us in separating “the sheep from the goats.”

The best people and organisations to deal with, (1) have a website, (2) this website has the word “Contact” on it’s home page, (3) if you click on this “Contact” you will be provided with an ordinary email address, (4) if you send anything using this ordinary email address, it will be acknowledged more or less straight away, and, (5) if you have emailed a sensible letter, you will get a sensible and helpful reply within a reasonable time.

In a recent article, it was reported that the Medibank Private Health Insurance organisation had, in the past 12 months, received more than 34 complaints a week – that is more than 34 people a week, who, having presumably complained to Medibank itself and got nowhere, have taken the time and trouble to take their complaint to The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman.

Even before we went to Medibank’s website, we said to ourselves, “We bet they will have virtually none of the things we claimed that people and organisations that are the best to deal with have” – and so it turned out, in spades.

If we deal with such people and organisations, we are MUGS, right from the start.

A lot of such people and organisations claim to provide great telephone support. To us, telephone support isn’t support at all – you are often told rubbish, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Particularly, when it comes to choosing the best health insurance provider, we should look for the one about which the most of the five things set above applies,

If you are thinking of joining one, if they haven’t got an ordinary email address, don’t consider proceeding for a nanosecond. And if they have one, send them a letter using their email address, to a certain extent it doesn’t matter what about, and if you haven’t got a reasonable response within a reasonable time, say 3 days, avoid them like the plague. You know for certain that you won’t get a reasonable response from them if you join them and have any problems with or complaints about them.

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