Foxtel – dealing with 2

Further to this post, dated 20 Apr. 2020, in which we described how these incompetents expected one of our readers to wait on the phone for more than an hour if he wanted help that might enable him to start viewing things on Foxtel again, explaining that the Coronavirus had left them short of staff!!!!!!!! our reader reports further that on 9 Apr. 2o20, i.e. 20 days later, he received a text from Foxtel complaining that they hadn’t received a payment which was due on 31 Mar. 2020, when, by now, he hadn’t been able access anything on Foxtel for nearly a month, but adding, “Pleased be advised that if you need to call us we are experiencing longer than normal wait times currently.” STILL???!!! So it would seem reasonable to expect that nothing has changed in nearly 3 weeks! And another week has now gone by, without him making any further attempts to get their help – he says that he’s got better things to do with his time.

But wait! In the middle of typing this, we got a phone call from 0490 240 000 – probably Foxtel – which we missed accepting by just a couple of seconds, and when we rang straight back we were told, “We are unable to take your call at present!”

Presumably things will eventually be sorted out for our reader and others and they will be viewing things on Foxtel again, even if it takes 6 months – we can all live without Foxtel.

But what makes us burst out laughing is they have been claiming recently that Foxtel would be a good way to connect to the NBN??????!!!!!!!!

Readers, wouldn’t you agree that anyone who thinks this might be the case must be stark raving mad!

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