Getting answers to our technology questions over the internet 2

We’re in the very very early stages of putting together a list of people and organisations who can provide us with answers to our technology questions – if we have a technology question, we can pay someone to provide us with the answer, as an alternative to us trying to search out the answer ourselves.

But we’re finding difficulty in locating people who are used to helping people in the ways we mostly want to be helped. They are used to helping people (1) in face to face consultations, or, (2) over the telephone, or, (3) with TeamViewer and other similar ways.

But when we have a question like, “How to create a Google Account?” we don’t want to go to the length of having a face to face consultation, if that was physically possible, which it usually isn’t; we don’t want to be talking over the telephone; we don’t want to be working with anyone with TeamViewer or anything like that; we want to get an email like this which we can print out and follow.

This is how we feel. Do any of our readers feel the same?

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