Getting answers to our technology questions over the internet 3

We have often written about our dream, and that is of a world in which, whenever any of us have a technology question or problem, there’s an ordinary email address we can use to describe it to someone, resulting in us getting back, for a reasonable fee, a superbly helpful solution.

The easy part for this world to come about is for there to be people who have the solutions – it’s easy because these people exist already. For every possible technology question or problem, there’s at least one person somewhere in the world who has the solution – they don’t have to carry out any research to come up with the solution because they already know it as part of their occupations, work they do every day.

So what are the problems?

Firstly, finding exactly the right person or people.

Secondly, inducing them to spend some of their valuable time in addressing our questions and problems.

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