Getting answers to technology questions over the internet 1

As we seek to add to our skills and knowledge in the world of technology, we are, of course, constantly finding that we are being held back by not having answers to questions we’ve come up against. (Worse still, from time to time we’ve thought we’ve had good answers, but they’ve turned out to be bad, which has set us back enormously.)

So what do we do when this happens?

  • We can do our own research, which can be very time consuming and often not very successful.
  • We can book a face-to-face interview with an expert, or at the Apple genius bar or something like that.
  • We can ask for someone to come to our home and advise us – but this can be very expensive, and there are sure to questions we realise we’ve forgotten to ask them after they’ve gone.
  • Etc.etc. etc.

Perhaps there are people who will provide answers to our questions over the internet? If so, this would have huge advantages.

We are in the course of searching for such people.

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