Getting help in making the transition from being an Apple person to becoming a Microsoft person

One of our readers says that in 1980, when one of his sons was 12, he bought him an Apple 2 computer, and that from the moment he got it he used to work on it until 1 and 2 in the morning, and 40 years later, (he’s obviously in his 50s now,) he’s had a great career in computers and computing, always as an Apple person, – up until about 12 months ago, when he decided to become a Microsoft person instead. And when he was asked recently if he’d had any regrets about making the change, his response was, “Not for a moment!”

Obviously, the fact that Apple support is so atrocious would have been a factor.

Obviously, if any of our readers are thinking of making the same transition, he could probably help them a great deal.

If you are one of them, email us at, and we’ll let you have his contact details.

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