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To us, the way in which modern technology can work to provide us with help with our technology questions and problems, as they arise, is almost mind boggling.

Potentially, we all can be getting help from the best people in the whole wide world to provide it – they can be in the room next door or on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter. All that’s needed are lists of people and their specialisations, which can be easily provided.

(We have recently started to get help on a particular set of problems from people in Maryland in the US – so far, we ‘re not optimistic that we will get any real help.)

And the help can be provided in text form, with unlimited screen shots and links, which can be printed out and studied, and videos which we can be played over and over again – it can be almost as if we’re being helped by an individual tutor looking over our shoulder, or in a room listening to a lecture from a real live lecturer.

And modern technology makes it kindergarten stuff to pay people for their help, wherever they are in the world.

And we believe the potential is there for people to make very good livings by providing help.

Yet it doesn’t seem to be really happening! Why?

To us, there are people all over the world struggling with technology questions and problems, being held back by not having good answers, and at the same time, there are people all over the world who have the answers off the top of their heads – the former are saying, “I can’t find anyone good to help me, they’re all crooks, just wanting my money,” and the latter are saying, “There is no real demand for my services, very few out there who will pay me properly for my help.”

To us, the thing that’s the most mystifying is how few organisations there are that provide good help to those seeking to use products and service they provide e.g. (1) some years ago we signed up with an organisation the purported to enable us to send emails to fax numbers, but their support was so poor that, in the end we gave up, (2) we have written about how someone felt the support from Telstra was so poor that he and his girlfriend staged a sit-in in one of Telstra’s shops, all Telstra did was call the Police to eject them, and it was claimed that the Police who came were more helpful with they technical problems than Telstra had been, and, (3) one of our readers told us of huge problems she was having with, she claimed to have been on the phone to them for 12 hours, and when we wrote to iiNet on our reader’s behalf, our emails weren’t even acknowledged. We could go on and on and on!

To us, the answer is very simple – there have to be more an more people building up practices in providing good value for money in providing help, (just like doctors, dentists, lawyers and so on used to do before the internet came along,) and blogs and websites like this one seeks to be, to let the people know of these people.

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