Getting answers to our technology questions 1

If you have a technology question, send it to us, using this email address –

We may be able to help you, or, far more likely, we may be able to direct you to organisations who have people who can provide high quality help and information. We are constantly searching for such organisations who may be able to provide help for our readers and ourselves – we often still need high quality help and information ourselves!

To us the organisations that are most likely to have such people are those that have chat facilities – use this link to go to a list we have started putting together of such organisations.

It fascinates us – with each area of technology, often we may only need 2 or 3 people to help us, and, with modern technology, they can be anywhere in the whole wide world, yet finding people who are truly helpful can often seem SO difficult.

By the way, it’s guaranteed that, under no circumstances will your identity be disclosed or that you will be expected to pay a cent for any help WE provide, although those to whom we refer you may have fees and charges.

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