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Anyone who works in technology for a while develops areas with which they’re completely familiar, they never need any help and information from others while working in these area. But everyone, and we mean everyone, it doesn’t matter how experienced they are, needs help and information from time to time, on matters that are outside the areas with which they are completely familiar.

We ourselves, have been working in technology for at least 25 years, and yet, probably, we could easily come up with 25 matters on which we need help and information right now, and not getting this help and information is holding us back, both in our work and personal lives, limiting our success. Not to mention the progress we’re missing out on we don’t even know about.

(In all probability, we could research out the help and information we need ourselves, but that would take time which we haven’t got.)

And, something that fascinates us is that, when that happens, it’s incredibly unlikely that there isn’t someone somewhere in the world, (and with modern technology, they CAN be anywhere in the whole world world,) who can provide the help and information we need “off the top of their heads,” so to speak, because they’re about areas with which they’re completely familiar.

So the hunt is on for such people.

Of course, we would expect to pay for such help and information – but it would be worth it in terms of the time it saved us.

It’s a typical chicken and egg, which comes first, situation. There need to be people who find it worthwhile to provide help and information – it may be something that they do only, say, 20% of their day, but it supplements their income. And people need to know of the existence of such people, and how to contact them.

(One of the things we find interesting, almost bizarre, is that we’ve been having our websites and blogs hosted by Tiger Technologies for at least 12 years, after we were recommended to them by one of our technology advisers – we only know about them as hosting organisations, we’ve never felt the need to consider any other organisation. And so often, when we’ve needed help and information, even on matters that we didn’t necessarily expect would be within their areas of expertise, we’ve emailed their support, and they have been SO helpful. Recently we got more help from one of their responses, which we were able to apply within 2 or 3 minutes, than we had got in 25 minutes from one of the consultants at an Apple Genius Bar.)

For instance, here’s a problem we need help on – simple, but annoying.

If someone we email from time to time gets a new email address, and the old one stops working, how do we delete the old one? We’ve tried all different things, but no matter what we do, when we go to send them an email, both email addresses come up, and we forget which is the old one, and which is the new one – so, of course, we end up sending the email to both, but there must be a better way than this.

We’d be grateful to hear from someone who could help us with this, for a reasonable fee. And if anyone was able to help us with this, we publicise them at no cost, and so on and so on.

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