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MacKeeper claims to be wonderful – to “clean up” your Mac and make it faster, etc. etc. etc.

We haven’t been getting MacKeeper ads for a long time, but now we seem to be being flooded with them.

We have this vague feeling that we have been advised in the past to avoid them “like the plague” – but we’ve forgotten by whom.

But a Google search on MacKeeper seems to give lots of indications that this may have been good advice.

See, for instance, this Wikipedia article.

It would be of the greatest concern if even half of the bad things that are being said about MacKeeper are true and yet enough people are being taken in by their advertising for them to be surviving, perhaps even prospering?

But seemingly, in more and more segments of our society, crime pays – put up a big glossy website, and away you go, making much more money than those who are honest and more worthy of trust.

With this blog we’re always more than happy for everyone to tell us and our readers their side of the story – perhaps MacKeeper would like to tell us theirs.

An update!: Further to this post, in response to an email we sent to one of our most trusted technology consultants, asking, “Was it you who told me that MacKeeper was to be avoided like the plague? Or someone else?” We got back, “Me, possibly someone else as well,” within a few minutes!

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