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More and more there’s all this great technology out there that has the potential to change our personal and work lives dramatically, in terms of their effectiveness, their efficiency, their convenience, their richness and their enjoyment, if it becomes part of them. To the extent that it’s not part of our lives, we’re missing out, perhaps badly. And, in the years to come, the amount and quality of this technology is just going to get greater and greater.

Realising and acknowledging this raises two questions for each of us – (1) which of it should we be working on adding to our lives next, and (2) how do we go about it. And this, in turn, raises the question as to who might be the best to help us answer these two questions. Getting advice from the right person or people could save us perhaps weeks, perhaps months, perhaps years, as we seek to add to the quality of our lives.

Suppose, for instance, we have a small business and have seen things like this on the internet:-

So which App or other technology should we seek to make part of our life first? And having decided on this, how do we go about making it part of our life?

To us, in an ideal world, there would be someone to whom we could email a detailed description of our small business, and asking, “What should I be concentrating on first to adopt into this business?”

In relation to this we have our own experience. As people working on Blogs and Websites, we get at least 4 or 5 emails a month from people, mainly in India, saying that signing up to the services they offer at so much a month, will benefit us greatly – to the extent that we have a folder called “SEOs” in which we have 87 such letters. With many of these we have responded with an email saying something like – “How much would you charge to examine my Blog  XXX in detail, and then to advise me what you thought was the single thing I should be doing next to improve it?” And having sent such an email, we never hear from them again.

Of course, there are always going to be times when we decide that we want certain technology to be part of our lives anyway – then it becomes a question of how we do this as quickly and easily as possible.

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