Making the latest and best technology part of our lives 3

We’ve been saying for years that the secret to success in our work and private lives is to surround ourselves with the best information and the best experts in the whole wide world.

These days, the way we say it is that the level of success we have in our work and personal lives is determined by how much knowledge and how many skills we have, and, to live the good life, we need to be constantly adding to and updating our knowledge and skills by our own research and by asking questions of those who we have found to be good at answering them.

It reminds us of what a GP told us once. He said that he was at his peak when he’d been a doctor for 3 years – by then he had 3 year of experience, but from then on, what he’d learnt in Med School started to be out-of-date, unless, of course, he worked to keep up-to-date.

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