Officeworks – dealing with 1

Using the ordinary email address – – an email was sent to the Officeworks store at Northmead, NSW, on 19 Jun. 2019, saying.

This was received the next day from the store manager.

This was responded to the next day with.

As no response had been received to this, a reminder was sent on 29 Jun. 2019 @ 1.30 pm.

In response to this reminder, this was received.

(This email was sent by Rob at 6.19 am on a Monday morning! – so Rob was on the job pretty early.)

This was responded to with.

Officeworks, is, of course, a subsidiary of the Perth based Wesfarmers conglomerate, and, in the emails sent to Officeworks, a copy was always sent to Wesfarmers, using their ordinary email address as displayed prominently on it’s webpage – – in case there were any people in Wesfarmers who were interested.

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