Optus – dealing with 1

The headline to an article in today’s, the 23 May 2018, edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

You will be taken to this article if you click on this link. As you will see, it says that Optus ranks as “Australia’s third largest NBV provider.”

Does it make you wonder how much you can ever rely on anything Optus tells you in the future?

Several years ago we came across this book entitled “How to Motivate People,” in which  the author talks about what he calls the greatest management principle in the world – “THE THINGS THAT GET REWARDED GET DONE.”

What needs to be realised is that the thing that often gets rewarded the most in organisations, in money, of course, is doing the wrong thing by their customers/clients, and misleading their customers/clients and others, and the only thing that stops them doing these things is the so-called regulation agencies, who are often/mostly quite hopeless.

So does the fact that Optus got “caught” this time mean that we will always be able to trust any thing they say in future? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

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