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Something we’ve learnt today, which to us is quite big!

OS X Daily is an organisation that claims to be about providing, “News and Tips for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Everything Apple,” and in our previous 6 posts on them we’ve told how, having signed up for their daily emails, we’ve been getting one every single day for at least two years, and how, because we haven’t had time for anything more, as we’ve got them, we’ve just dragged them into a Mail mailbox we’ve created, vaguely, (and, no doubt, unrealistically,) believing that one day we may might refer to them.

This is an example of their emails – the latest one we’ve received.

And we’ve bemoaned the fact that when we emailed them asking if it was part of their service to provide help to those who may be trying to locate any, out of their hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of their emails that might be relevant to questions and problems they may have, our email wasn’t even acknowledged.

Well, today, we did a GMX search, (we’re using GMX more and more,) on the subject of their latest email shown above – “How to See Photos You’ve Liked on Instagram” – and the OS X Daily email was the first result to come up!!!

You can do it yourself – simply click on GMX and type in anything you want, and view the “Ads” and “Web results” that come up.


We’re going to unsubscribe to the OS X Daily email updates in the belief that, if OS X Daily has anything to say on any of our questions and problems, that GMX searches will locate it for us.

This all relates to what we have believed for some time and believe increasingly – that the secret to success in our personal and work lives is to surround ourselves with the best experts and information in the whole wide world, and that the means of doing this are getting more and more helpful and sophisticated. SO exciting!

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