Our “keeping up with technology” diary 1

An email recently received from one of our readers:-

We’re always talking about this sort of thing – ordinary email addresses we can use to email our questions and problems. And now perhaps one we can use to email our questions and problems relating to the NSW government?????

Our guess is that while there may be elements in the government/public service that want to take the approach set out in this email, there will be other elements that will fight it tooth and nail, for all sorts of reasons. To us, if things go as it is said they are going to go, it will be a miracle, in the short term at least.

Of course, as we’re always saying, it’s been said that, “Whatever technology enables happens,” and modern technology certainly enables what appears to be being envisaged, but for a government to actually seem to be saying it’s going to happen???????

We thought we’d give it a test. On 19 Jan 2017, a letter was sent to Service NSW – info@service.nsw.gov.au –  commencing with:-

To view it’s text in full use this link.

We’ll let you know how we get on.

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