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We have believed for some time that there’s a place for people to earn quite a lot of money by providing help and information for fees – who offer people an alternative to them trying to work things out for themselves, even with the help that’s on the internet, in just about every field, but particularly in the field of technology.

Some thoughts on this.

Peter Drucker, the famous management writer, used to often say that the things we know best are the things we think are obvious, which everyone knows – as an example, that Don Bradman thought that batting was easy, that everyone could bat. What the people we’re talking about need is the empathy to see things from the side of the person seeking the help and information, which we mostly find is completely missing.

One of our readers reports that recently, when he sought help from a consultant on an Apple Genius Bar, the consultant virtually mocked him for not knowing the answers he was seeking – which we think happens quite often.

In relation to this the internet is great. Before it came along, writers, when they were writing, might mention something about which they would be thinking, “I wonder if my readers will know what I’m talking about here?” But these days, whenever a writer thinks that, they can always provide links to further explanations, which their readers may or may not use.

The real money for such people would be made when responding to requests for the same help and information that they’d provided to someone else before – a fee could be charged which the person seeking help and information would think was more than reasonable, when it would have only taken a couple of minutes to send out what had been sent out before. Alternatively, it might take quite a lot of time to put together a good response to a request for help and information that had never been responded to before, and there’s no way one would ever get paid properly for this.

One of the things we think would be possible would to be for people to be consultants on a part time basis. For instance, there could be people whose main job was working with WordPress blogs and websites all day every day, as a result which they would know everything there was to know them – it could be tremendously profitable for them to spend one or two hours a day providing responses to requests for people to provide help and information on them.

An exciting thing for such people is that the potential exists for people all over the world to be asking for help and information – to be established clients.

One of the aims of the people behind this blog is to locate such people, and to let our readers know about them.

Typical tech support?

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