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Further to this post, in which we described how Wesfarmers has people standing by to provide helpful answers if people have problems or questions in dealing with it or any of it’s subsidiaries who can be contacted by an ordinary email address, we believe that there will start to be people who do what the Wesfarmers people do in relation to dealing with organisations who don’t have such people themselves, who we are calling intermediaries – in fact there may already be such people who provide such help in relation to dealing with an organisation like Apple. (If any of our readers know of any, could they please let us know their details so we can share them.)

To us, Apple is such an interesting example of this.

We believe there are those who, like us, are not interested in phone numbers, (a lot of what we’re told in phone conversations, even if we can hear it properly and understand it, is rubbish anyway, and there’s not a thing that can be done about it,) not interested in fax numbers, (who can even use faxes these days, even if they want to,) not interested in live chats, (they involve too much time and trouble,) not interested in going through the pages and pages that come up if we’re seeking help with particular questions and problems, a lot of which we can’t understand anyway – presumably the answers are there somewhere but we need to be directed to them, not really interested in email forms, especially when if we use them, we get responses by ordinary emails we can’t use because they re not monitored.

What were interested in is being able to use an ordinary email address to describe the matters in which we need help, which result in us getting acknowledgement of our particular email by return, not one that acknowledges receipt of just an email, and which in due course, it can days, it’s seldom urgent, we get the information or opinions we want which is of high quality, and, where we want to know how to carry out particular procedures, a step by step guide we can print out and follow.

We have always been Apple people, and to us, their support is getting worse and worse, to the point where it’s atrocious.

We have written elsewhere about one of our reader’s claims about his dealings with the Apple store at Castle Hill – how, amongst other things, the person he saw at their so called Genius Bar, (ha ha ha! ha ha ha!) was one of the rudest, most arrogant, most ignorant people he’d ever come across, who virtually mocked him for not already knowing what he was hoping to find out from him, perhaps because he didn’t know the answer himself – he claims that he certainly didn’t walk away knowing the answer he’d come to get.

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