Sending Emails to Fax Numbers 2

Further to this post, we’ve put together a guide which we introduce as “How to send an email to a fax number i.e. dealing with people and organisation who don’t have an ordinary email address when you don’t have a landline and a fax machine to go with it.”

You can view it by using this link.

It assumes that you have already signed up with eFax. (We hope to produce a guide soon to assist you in doing this, if you haven’t do it and want to.)

Is this the best guide to doing this in the whole wide world? We’d love to hear from readers who have found a better one or better ones. We are constantly hunting for guides that are the best ones in the whole wide world and only put one together if we haven’t found one that we think is very good.

And we we’d love to hear from readers who have had any experience with organisations that claim to provide this service – email us on

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