Stories of progress in technology 1

Story 1.

In 1962 a Sydney accountancy firm bought a calculating machine, and got quite a lot of publicity for doing so – it was about the size of a small car, and cost about as much as a small car!

Today there’s probably more calculating capacity in our mobile phones, which comes to us virtually for nothing as an incidental part of their main purpose, and that is to be telephones.

Story 2.

Some years ago, one of our friends, who’s been a pioneer in technology, and who had developed an early version of a World Times program, got a phone call from the Pentagon. And the guy said, “We love your program, but it’s stopped working.” To which our friend replied, “Well, after 14 days you’ve got to pay for it.” Apparently the Pentagon guy was SO grateful saying, “You will have made General So and So’s day.”

So a guy in suburban Sydney had more knowledge, which he’d developed himself, than the Pentagon had, the multi-billion headquarters of the United States Department of Defence.

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