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On 7 Jan 2017 we got this letter by email from a “Kavya,” purportedly an executive at Techsaga, a technology company based in India:-

When we say he, (or she,) was/is from this company, the only indication that this might be so is in his, (or her,) email address – – which may or may not be an email address for the company mentioned above. We have had to do Google searches, as there are other techsagas in the world, and make certain guesses to come to this conclusion. It would have been so easy for Kayva to put at the bottom of his email a link to his, (or her,) company, but he (or she,) is obviously too lazy to do this.

As we have done many times with letters from Indian people and organisations, this response was sent back straight away:-

We are yet to get even an acknowledgement of the receipt of any of our many responses, and we certainly haven’t got one in this instance – 21 days later!

It’s giving Indian people and organisations a VERY BAD name, and, at a time when we’re looking for support, it makes us VERY ANGRY being pestered by people like Kavya.

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