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A photo from this article entitled, “How Telstra drove me to tears,” in which the author, journalist Angela Mollard, claims that stories like hers about Telstra are the “norm.”

As you can see, Angela has some pretty strong things to say, like:-

As regular readers of this blog would know, we believe that, as sure as night follows day, there will be people who start going into the business of being  specialists in dealing with organisations like Telstra – when we have problems with the Telstras of this world we would contact them not the Telstras. They will have to be paid, of course, but you will have the choice – trying to deal with the Telstras yourself or utilising the services of such people, which is likely to be much more effective.

Perhaps there are such people out there already.

Also, regular readers would know that we believe in always allowing full opportunities to people and organisations to reply to anything that is said about them on the internet, by us or others. We would love to ask Telstra for their side of the story to Angela article – but we haven’t got the time to search for an ordinary email address we could use to do this when it is obvious that they can’t be bothered putting up such an address on the home page of their website.

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