Telstra – dealing with 4

An account of some dealings with Telstra put together with one of our readers.

In our busy lives these days we need to be dealing with organisations that have ordinary email addresses readily available, and when these ordinary email addresses are used to send them letters, we get replies that are helpful, upfront and honest, reasonably promptly. For Telstra to be ever at all like this seems like a million miles away.

The reason we place so much emphasis on ordinary email addresses and ordinary emails is that they make it so easy for the top management in organisations to be made aware of how people and other organisations are getting on in dealing with their organisation. But, of course, have any of our readers ever got the slightest indication that anyone in the top management of Telstra is interested in this sort of thing, even if it was put right in front of them? Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Let us know, anybody, if we’re wrong.

Of course, if anyone can ever provide us with an ordinary email address we can use to send their top management a copy of this post and our other posts on Telstra, for their information and comment, we would be more than happy to do so. So far we haven’t been able to find one, despite a lot of searching.

And, of course, everything depends on the competition – whether there are others that are better than Telstra for what we need. We certainly think so!

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