Telstra – dealing with 7

Telstra seems to be everywhere on the internet lately, as though a new Telstra is on the way. Some of the articles on it just make us laugh – like this one, by Andrew Penn, it’s CEO, (since 1 May 2015,) himself.

We don’t go back 100 years, but we go back to the 1960s. And in the 1960s and 1970s you had to bribe Telstra people to get even basic things done, like getting extra phone lines, and we remember that in the 1980s you had to appeal to your local Federal member of Parliament for help before they did anything – which entitles one to be a bit cynical don’t you think.

We cut off all dealings with Telstra 10 years ago, vowing to never have anything to do with them again, ever.

And when you read of two of their customers, in late 2017, more than 2 and a half years after Mr Penn took over the reins, (view this post,) after trying for 4 months to get Telstra to be at all helpful, staging a sit-in in one of their shops and the 3 Police men called to eject them being more helpful with the technology than the Telstra employees, with the Telstra case manager still not prepared to talk to them, this would seem to be a sound decision don’t you think?

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