Telstra – dealing with

We’ve just come across this on the internet.

What a feeble excuse!!

We’ve been obsessed with finding the best people and organisations to deal with and avoiding those who may not be the best since 1976, since an incident with bricklayers.

Fortunately, the internet has since come along which makes things so much easier, in fact, made it simple.

Rule number 1. Other things being equal, only deal with people and organisations who have an ordinary email address readily available – in our experience, those who only have email forms and faxes are not worth bothering with.

(Occasionally it may be worthwhile to consider using those who only have an email form – but if you use their email form to send them send something and any responses don’t include an ordinary email address you can use in the future – which is often the case with government departments – they certainly won’t be worth bothering with. The problem with Government departments, of course, is that they’re often monopolies, so you don’t have a choice.)

Rule number 2. Deal with those who provide the best responses to emails you send them.

If anyone is stupid enough to be using Telstra, they’re probably best off sending snail mails to PO Box 9901, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.

More later.

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