The National Broadcasting Network (NBN) 2

We started a previous post on the NBN with, “Will the NBN scandal ever go away?”

And now we have this!!!

and this:-

and this:-

Could these things be possibly true – (1) that a third of the people on the NBN would go back to their old service if they could, and (2) BUT THEY CAN’T!!!???

Surely there are going to be ways for the Australian people to be connected to the internet without involving the NBN, even if, at some stage, they’ve signed up with the NBN???

And is 5G ever going to be available through the NBN, with it’s unimaginable experiences?

And how much does the NBN story go back to April, 2009, when, under Kevin Rudd’s Prime Minerstership, it was decided to commit 40..50 billion dollars of Australian taxpayers money to creating such a monstrosity.

But perhaps more credit should be given to the NBN than we’re giving it. Feedback would be appreciated.

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