The Wesfarmers story

According to the Wikipedia article, Wesfarmers, described as “an Australian conglomerate,” has 223,000 employees, YET, it has an ordinary email address!!!!! – – which can be readily located if you go to it’s website, AND, there are obviously people whose job it is to provide appropriate responses to emails sent using this email address!!!

(One of our readers reports that, when he was having difficulties dealing with the people in an Officeworks store – Officeworks is one of Wesfarmers subsiduaries – he copied emails to the Officeworks store to Wesfarmers and the Wesfarmers people were SO helpful.)

We think this is remarkable! Why? Because our guess, from our experiences, is that for every organisation like this, there would be 50 that are not like this at all – (1) there are no people whose job it is to provide appropriate responses to letter sent to them, and so, (2) they don’t have ordinary email addresses, as ordinary email addresses make it too easy for people to send them letters seeking information and support etc. etc. etc. With such organisations, even if you find some other way of contacting them, perhaps even going to the trouble of using Australia Post to send them “snail mails,” they don’t provide appropriate responses.

So why are these other organisations like this, when it’s so obvious, or should be, that we, the people, would far sooner deal with organisation like Wesfarmers than with these other organisations? We think it’s because of the expense – people who can provide appropriate responses to emails sent to them have to be intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced, and such people don’t come cheaply. But the exact reason is up to them.

But, to us, the fact that Wesfarmers is like this, provides enormous incentive for people to deal with any of it’s subsidiaries, over others in similar industries – of which there are many.

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