Vodafone Australia – dealing with 4

You can search and search on Vodafone’s website, as we did, and you won’t find an ordinary email address. But when we used their email form to send them something, we got an email back using support@vodafone.com.au, which we’ve been using successfully ever since.

Some organisations, when they appear to only have an email form to send them anything, and when you use it, if they reply, they use an ordinary email address, (about which, of course, they have no choice,) but it comes with a warning that if you use this ordinary email address to send them anything, it won’t be responded to – so you are stuck with their email form.

To us, such organisations are to be avoided like the plague. But you often can’t do this if the organisation is a monopoly, as lots of government organisations are – the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency, (AHPRA,) for instance is like this. At least they were the last time we used them.

At least Vodafone is not like this.

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