Vodafone Australia – dealing with 5

At about 4.23 pm on Monday, 12 Feb 2018, it was found again that as Vodafone users we weren’t able open the betfair.com.au website. And this time we couldn’t open the news.com.au, the theage.com.au and the afl.com.au sites either. So from 4.23 we started sending Vodafone emails every 10 minutes or so, seeking some sort of response.

Shown below are the last 7 emails that were sent.

At 6.27 pm, as we told them, we started to be able to open thebetfair.com.au site from 6.04 pm, after nearly 2 hours of emailing, but we still couldn’t open either the news.com.au site or the theage.com.au sites. We had been able to open the smh.com.au site all the way through.

So altogether 11 emails sent and no response yet from Vodafone.

We’ll let you know if and when we ever hear from them.

As you can imagine, this has involved us in a fair bit of work, but we thought we’d give them every opportunity to demonstrate that they’re not completely and utterly useless and hopeless.

Mon. 12 Feb 2018 at 7.15 pm.

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