We have a dream 2

As we keep saying, we have a dream of a world in which whenever a problem or a question related to our work and personal lives arises for us, there’s an ordinary email address or email addresses we can use to send the details off and in due course we’ll get back the best information and details on the best experts in the whole wide world that can help us, advising us of information and experts we can trust.

This dream is already realised with two organisations we are familiar with, in relation to their products and/or services.

Brother – we’ve always found their support SO good.

Tiger Technologies – who we’ve been dealing with for at least 10 years, about whom the same could be said.

But there’s a long long long way to go before our dream is realised for more than just a few isolated examples.

As far as we’re concerned, the more such organisations and such ordinary email addresses exist, the better our work and personal lives will become.

Bad news, (we hope,) for those who don’t have ordinary email addresses readily available for people to use, and/or don’t allocate the resources necessary to provide reasonable responses to reasonable emails they receive.

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