We have a dream 3

Our “We have a dream 1” and “We have a dream 2” posts were posted more than 13 months ago on 5 Jan 2017 and 27 Jan 2017 – you can use this blog’s search facility to locate them quickly. We have been working on other things in the meantime but have returned to this dream because of it’s significance and importance.

It’s something very simple. Our dream is that whenever we have a question or a problem in relation to technology, we have a choice – we can research it out ourselves OR we can pay others to research it out for us, because we know of people, working on their own or within organisations, but people, who have ordinary email addresses we can use to ask for help, and whenever we ask for help we get back highly intelligent and helpful responses for which the fees are quite reasonable.

Of course, unless we’re very experienced with technology, we mostly just won’t be able to research things out ourselves – we’ll just have to get help.

To help in the realisation of this dream we have put together a list of 39 people/organisations who may be able to help us, with their ordinary email addresses, which you can access by using this link.

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