Wesfarmers and it’s subsidiaries – dealing with

According to the Wikipedia article on it, Wesfarmers, described as “an Australian conglomerate,” has 223,000 employees, YET, it has an ordinary email address!!!!! –  info@wesfarmers.com.au – which can be readily located if you go to it’s website, AND, from the experience of us and our readers, there are people standing by whose job it is to provide helpful responses to emails sent using this email address!!!

Wesfarmers has more than 40 subsidiaries, including such major companies as Bunnings, Kmart and Officeworks – click on this link, and you will be taken to a list of them.

(One of our readers reports that, when he was having difficulties dealing with the people in his local Officeworks store, he copied emails sent to it to Wesfarmers, using their ordinary email address and the Wesfarmers people were SO helpful, getting back to us in just a few hours.)

We are flabbergasted that there are not more companies like Wesfarmers. We can’t think of another one like it – even big ones like Apple, Microsoft, Telstra, the big banks, and so on.

To us, it’s such an incentive to deal with Wesfarmers’ subsidiaries rather than any of their competitors, that Wesfarmers is like that.

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